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We wish to make the best use of the time and effort of prospective applicants.

Thus, we invite organizations to apply based on the fit of the organization with our grantmaking preferences and the amount of grant funding available for new grants.

Please see the below information and, if at any time you need to get in touch, we welcome you to a 20-minute virtual chat with Kate Shirah, our Foundation executive director.


The details

The application process for Fox Family Foundation 2024 grant awards is closed. General information about how to apply is provided below. Information regarding our 2025 annual grant cycle will be announced in January 2025.

New Organizations

For organizations that have not been funded by Fox Family Foundation previously or those who have not had a Foundation grant awarded to them in recent years, a meet-and-greet is required. Before setting up this initial meeting, verify that you meet the Foundation’s eligibility requirements (see Frequently Asked Questions below). A meet-and-greet is only required once every three years.

Organizations new to Fox Family Foundation may only apply for a grant during the Foundation’s annual grant cycle.

Schedule a meet-and-greet conversation now with the Foundation executive director, Kate Shirah, via Calendly. Meeting times are available starting in August through mid-March.

Previously Funded Organizations

Organizations that currently have a Fox Family Foundation grant award or those who have received funding in the past five years submit a brief grant inquiry form to begin the application process.

Grant Cycles

Fox Family Foundation has one formal grant cycle each calendar year that opens in the first quarter. We also consider time-sensitive requests outside of our annual grant cycle—from current and recent grant recipients only—to meet another funder’s match requirement. Contact Kate Shirah to discuss an off-cycle grant request.

The process

important dates

Annual Grant Cycle Winter Off-Cycle Spring Off-Cycle
Meet and Greet By March 15 By October 15 By January 15
Grant Inquiry By April 1 By November 1 By February 1
Invitation to Apply By June 1 By December 1 By March 1
Grant Application By September 15 By January 15 By April 15
Award Decision By December 1 By March 1 By June 1

Frequently Asked Questions

How much grant funding do you award annually?2023-09-20T15:47:30+00:00

We estimate paying out about $600,000 for grants each year, a combination of multi-year commitments as well as new grant awards. The annual amount for new grant awards varies year to year and is shared with our announcement of the grant cycle opening.

What are your grantmaking preferences and criteria?2022-10-27T18:10:19+00:00

Fox Family Foundation grant awards are made with the following considerations:

  • emphasis on Durham County primarily and the Triangle region — Durham, Orange, and Wake Counties secondarily
  • organizational leadership
  • breadth and evidence of impact
  • financial health
  • alignment of organizational and/or community priorities
  • fit with the Foundation’s vision, area/s of support, approach, targets, and/or collaboration interests

For project-based grants, successful applications will answer these questions:

  • Are the project deliverable/s and/or desired outcome/s clear and realistic given the proposed timeline and activities?
  • Has the applicant clearly identified the resources necessary to carry out the work successfully?
  • Does the overall project cost seems reasonable for the project as described and the aim/s to be achieved?
  • As applicable, has the applicant already identified other necessary revenue or funding sources to support the project and/or established their capacity to raise additional funds needed?
Who is eligible to apply?2022-10-13T18:33:38+00:00

Applicants must be exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) or any successor section, or be organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or any successor section.

We prefer to make grant awards serving Durham County primarily and the Triangle region (Durham, Orange, and Wake Counties) secondarily. Prospective applicants must be located in Durham, Orange, or Wake Counties.

We will not make grants to political or religious organizations or award funds to individuals.

Do you make multi-year grant awards?2022-10-13T18:34:32+00:00

The Foundation will make multi-year grant awards of two or three years. On occasion, the Foundation will consider awards of more than three years. Generally, the Foundation will implement a pause on new applications from multi-year grant recipients for at least one year following the end of their multi-year grant.

How much should we ask for when making a grant request?2023-09-20T15:46:16+00:00

If you have never received funding from Fox Family Foundation or haven’t received a grant in the past five years, we typically consider requests up to $10,000. For all other organizations, information re: the amount of funding available and expected giving ranges will be provided each year in January.

Will you accept applications from entities using a fiscal sponsor?2022-10-13T18:36:09+00:00

The Foundation may make grants to 501(c)(3) charitable organizations or other eligible public organizations acting as the fiscal sponsor of a charitable project or endeavor (e.g., a grant made to a coalition of organizations where one coalition member serves as the fiscal sponsor). In such instances, the fiscal sponsor is considered the applicant and shall have full responsibility for ensuring the grant is carried out according to all grant requirements and conditions.

Will you accept applications from non-charitable entities for an expenditure responsibility grant?2022-10-13T18:37:11+00:00

The Foundation will not make expenditure responsibility grants.

Do you award challenge grants?2022-10-13T19:44:11+00:00

All grants awarded by Fox Family Foundation are eligible to be used for a fundraising challenge. Challenge grants represent the Foundation’s commitment to award a specified amount of money to an organization based on the amount of new or increased funding raised in response to a fundraising challenge. Re-engagement of lapsed support may also be used to meet a challenge grant.

Grantees may designate all or a portion of their grant request to be considered for a challenge. For challenge grant applications, the Foundation considers the applicant’s demonstrated capacity or potential for a successful fundraising challenge and the viability of the size/level of challenge.

Grant funds allocated for a fundraising challenge are released after the challenge has been met.

Do you award matching grants?2022-10-13T18:38:12+00:00

All grants awarded by Fox Family Foundation are eligible to be used as a match. Matching grants represent the Foundation’s commitment to award a specified amount of money to an organization to fulfill another funder’s required match.

Payments on matching grants are made to the grant recipient when the grant requiring the match has been awarded.

What is your policy on indirect expenses (aka overhead)?2022-10-13T18:39:15+00:00

Applicants for project grants may include indirect expenses in their project budget. When eligible, the Foundation will pay indirect expenses of 29%, unless an applicant specifically requests less than 29%. Grants that are not eligible for indirect expenses include those made for general operating support; grants for endowment, capital, or other fundraising campaigns; and any unrestricted grants. Our policy is informed by research conducted by MacArthur Foundation that found that 29% was the “minimum indirect cost rate associated with financially healthy organizations.”

What is your policy on including personnel expenses in our project budget?2022-10-13T18:39:45+00:00

Fox Family Foundation understands that nonprofits depend on grant funding as one way of supporting the personnel costs necessary to carry out their work. We do not in any way limit the use of our grant funds for personnel.

I know a family member and/or another director on the Foundation Board. Should I contact them about Fox Family Foundation funding?2022-10-13T18:40:50+00:00

We ask that you contact Kate Shirah should you have any questions about Fox Family Foundation.

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